Bolts Custom 18″ and 20″ – 12 Pack


Sizes: 18″, 20″ (12″, 13″, 14″, 15″, 16″ available here)
Feather Colors: Red, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Brown, Black, White, Green.

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Port Orford Cedar (POC) that grows in a select region of the northwestern United States has long been prized for producing the best wood Bolts on the planet for decades. Port Orford Cedar has long been known for strength and straightness of grain that produces a wood shaft of moderate weight and easy to hand straighten while remaining straight over time.

Our Cedar bolts are produced from the best hand selected Port Orford Cedar logs available.Port Orford Cedar wood arrows will hit the mark! Two fletched  or three fletched.

Standard sizing is up to 16″. The most common size is 16″. Custom sizes are available. We offer 18″ and 20″ from our website here, call for sizes you don’t see here.

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18*, 20"


2, 3

Feather Color

Red, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Brown, Black, White, Green